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Stairway Recovery Homes has multiple sober living homes located in Los Angeles, CA. We provide quality recovery homes for both men and women. The difference between Stairway Recovery Homes, and other sober livings, is our community. The Stairway's family is one of the largest in our area. At Stairways, we feel it is imperative for our clients to build a strong support network of peers from the beginning of their recovery process. We strive to stop the vicious cycle of drug and alcohol detox, to rehab, to relapse, then back to detox. Detox and Drug Rehab Centers are vital to the recovery process, but they do not cover the full scope of drug and alcohol treatment. When joining Stairway Recovery Homes, you become a part of a sober community that helps each other stay sober, and have a good time doing it.

The recovery process is a journey. Overcoming an addiction is a process and needs to be taken in steps. At Stairway Recovery Homes we provide unique sober living homes, which convey a powerful message of love, support, and family. We offer a cutting-edge sober living experience that can fit most budgetary needs. Stairway Recovery Homes are 12-Step based, affordable, gender specific, and structured in a way to benefit each individual resident. We assist our community to make the most of their new lives in recovery. Our program puts great emphasis on accomplishing individual client goals. Stairway Recovery focuses on building a solid recovery foundation, acquiring gainful employment, and achieving higher education. We are dedicated, and work hard to get our clients active in their chosen 12-Step communities!
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Spend time in our community, meet new people, and enjoy every moment of life as it should be.

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Community is one of the most important aspects of recovery, that is why we always have events for all of our homes, from sports events to holiday parties.

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At Stairway Recovery we believe that one of the most important aspects of recovery is building a strong foundation in a community of supportive peers. It is the relationships you start building at Stairway Recovery which you will take with you for the rest of your recovery process!

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We are dedicated to showing our community a good time in recovery. Fourth of July Barbecues, Halloween Parties, Fight Night. We love to have a good time in recovery. Eat great food, get out on the dance floor, and have a good time in recovery with us!

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At Stairway Recovery Homes we are committed to making you, or your loved one, feel apart of right from the beginning of your journey. Schedule a free tour with us today for one of our beautiful homes. We are confident that after completing a tour with us, you will join the Stairway Community!
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